After quite some time without writing any news (too busy) I want to take a moment to announce our submission to the NIST “not-a-competition”. While I am involved in three submissions, I took lead for the hash-based signature submission which I will talk about here. Over the two years since we published SPHINCS, we collected […]

We got two papers (on hash-based signatures!) into this years PKC! One is on an implementation of SPHINCS on an ARM Cortex M3. While the result is surely no practical implementation (the signatures are simply too big) it shows that it is in general doable. Besides, we give a comparison with XMSS on the same […]

I recently helped Moritz Horsch to develope a nice password tool called PALPAS. It is a password-store-like tool but the nice thing about this tool is that it synchronizes passwords between several devices without storing the passwords in any form on a central server. The tool only stores  some information that alone is completely independent […]

We got an Internet-Draft on XMSS out! The first version was published in Spring and presented at the IETF 92 meeting in Dallas. We also had an accompanying report at the NIST workshop on post-quantum cryptography. Our draft was now accepted as a CFRG working group draft. Currently we are working on an update that […]

Our paper SPHINCS: practical stateless hash-based signatures got accepted for this year’s Eurocrypt. That’s how every year should begin….

We did it! We finally came up with a construction that allows us to build a stateless 128-bit quantum-secure hash-based signature scheme with practical speed and sizes. The project was independently started by different groups that found together at some point. In my case Peter Schwabe and myself took a trip to Gizeh after Africacrypt […]

I started to collect all the literature related to hash-based signature schemes here. The list is based on the list by Dan Bernstein from I re-read all the articles and added small summaries of the content that in my eyes is important for hash-based signatures. I also added several articles that I think belong […]