Monthly Archives: July 2014

How to manipulate curve standards: a white paper for the black hat

We know how hard it is for agencies to do their work these days. The Snowden revelations and all the related mistrust… Then researchers finally killed Dual EC. So how should they break encrypted Internet traffic to protect the people from all the various dangers out there? We present a solution to make life easier for […]

XMSS code online

Finally! I managed to clean up the XMSS implementation we used for our benchmarks and put it online. I have to admit it took quite a while but the code also includes an implementation of XMSS^MT, i.e. XMSS with tree chaining and an improved algorithm for distributed signature generation. You find the implementation on the code […]


So I decided to start blogging now about new projects, results, papers, and other news; or simply about stuff that I decided not to be important enough to write a whole paper.